Реферат на тему Buddism Essay Research Paper Buddism is of

Buddism Essay, Research Paper

Buddism is of the world`s fasting spreading religion. At this time there 313 million buddist in Asia. And aproximatly 500 thousand in North America. Buddism is the is not just a religion, but a way of life. It is a religion that helps the people that beleive in it to, search the deepest recuses

of there souls to find what the true way to peace is.

Buddhism was founded by a wealthy prince, Siddhartha Gautam, of the Sakya clan. After many years of practicing Hinduism. At the age of 29 Gautam left the old Hindu traditions. For seven years he meditated and reflected on the evils of the earth. One day while sitting under a fig tree he received Enlightnment. he gained the title of the Budda. And disscovered the four noble


The four noble truths, were principles that Budda beleived would lead to true happiness. The first noble truth was. That all things and people suffer. The second is, people suffer, because they desire. The third is, that suffering will end once people let go of there desires. And the fourth

noble truth is, that the only way to end craving is by following the eight fold path to perfection.

There are four main types of Buddism. Theravada, Mahayana, Tantic, and Zen. Theravada is the oldest form of Buddism. And is to this day practiced by many Buddist monks. Mahayana is a popular form of Buddism in the West. Tantic combines both Theravada Buddism and Mahayana Buddism with indian practices. The last form of Buddism is Zen Buddism. Zen buddist put a great emphasize on contemplation. And strive for satori (a glimpse into enlightenment).

In all Buddism is a search for peace in ones self. Through contimplation, meditation, the four noble truths and the eight fold path. As a person goes from a selfcentered existance to a existance of enlightenment, commpassion and thought. And after years of searching. It may payoff with the arrival at Nirvana. The thing that sets Buddism apart from the other religions of the world, is that it helps people find spiritual fulfillment without an outside deity to help guide them.